It began in the early 80's with an ex-ski racer fresh out of college (CU Boulder)
working the ski film racket with Warren Miller and Dick Barrymore,  news
production in L.A., cable specials and series, commercials and corporate films.
In 1985
David Butterfield returned home to the mountains of Idaho and
Diamond Sun Productions, specialists in mountain location media
production and producer of award winning regional commercials and
documentaries.  Butterfield was there when the State of Idaho first formed a
film bureau, and in 1988, Diamond Sun produced the State's first production
directory, "The Idaho Production Guide."
As more and more out-of-state producers
brought their projects to the Sun Valley area,
it was a natural extension for Butterfield and
DSP to provide services and referrals.  Projects
range from small catalog shoots to national
spots and feature films.  For some it's just
answering a few questions, for others it's full
production services, location management,
local casting, crew referrals, stock footage and
more.   This site should make it even easier for
visiting producers to investigate the area and
scope out the tremendous variety of locations
that Sun Valley and central Idaho have to offer. represents the collective experience of 30 years
of production work in the Sun Valley area.  If we haven't been there and
shot there, we can probably find it and figure out how to permit it.  Location
photos shown here give you an idea of the amazing variety all within 90
minutes of Sun Valley.    Our expedited permitting will get you up and
running on public land quickly and painlessly.  If you're thinking of
producing on location in central Idaho, this is the place to start.  

                                                                             Check it out!