State and Federal Permit Information
Media Production in Cities and Counties

Most Idaho cities and counties do not have established film permits and will consider any filming
project as a special event. Contact the Idaho Film Bureau for city offices phone numbers.

Media Production on Idaho Highways

Permission to film on Idaho highways must be secured from the Idaho Department of
Transportation. In cases where intermittent control is desired, a traffic control plan must be
submitted by a certified flagging company to the district engineer.

Media Production on Public Lands

Permits are required to film on land administered by the U. S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land
Management and the National Park Service. Fees vary according to the number of people involved
in the production. Some areas may require an environmental review. Areas designated wilderness
by Congress are not open to motorized vehicles and largely inaccessible except by trail. Contact the
following land management agencies for further information and permits:

State of Idaho Land Management Agencies

Idaho Department of Lands                                          208 334-0200

Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation 208 334-4199

Federal Land Management Agencies

Bureau of Land Management   

  Burley District  (South of Burley) 208 677-6641

  Salmon District (South & East of Salmon) 208 756-5400

  Shoshone District (Surrounding Shoshone) 208 886-2206

National Park Service   

Craters of the Moon National Monument (West of Arco) 208 527-3257

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument (Near Hagerman) 208 837-4793

U. S. Forest Service

  Payette National Forest (Near Mc Call) 208 634-0700

  Sawtooth National Forest (Near Ketchum & Twin Falls) 208 737-3200

  Sawtooth National Recreation Area (North of Ketchum) 208 726-7672