Sun Valley resort itself is a quaint, upscale pedestrian village just over a mile from the ski
mountain and town of Ketchum.   Sun Valley properties also include the beginners hill,
Dollar Mountain, and three beautiful lodges on the main mountain, Baldy.  Ketchum is
the support community for the tourism base and a classic ski town.  An hour north,
nestled at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains, is Stanley, gateway to the largest
wilderness area in the lower 48.  Eleven miles south of Ketchum is Hailey, more family
oriented, growing fast, but still maintaining a small town ambiance.  Hailey has the
nearest airport to Sun Valley.   Bellevue, Picabo and Carey, three smaller communities
within 40 minutes, seem frozen in time--authentic small town America.   Within an hour
are the cow towns of Mackay (under the towering Lost River Range),  Arco (on the high
desert), Fairfield (on the wide-open Camas Prairie), and Shoshone (on the rail road).  Along
the Snake River about 90 minutes south of Sun Valley are working agricultural
communities and the largest city in the area, Twin Falls.  From the famous ski resort to the
remote whistle stops, each community has its own unique look, landmarks, and ambiance.
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