Film and Video Production Services

We offer a range of services for local and
regional clients and visiting producers.  Please
describe your project and we'll return a bid for:

Video Productio
n -- Script Writing
Location Scouting
and Management
Permit Assistance
-- Local Casting
Stock Footage

Awards and Citations

2014 Featured Selection, American Conservation Film Festival “The
Hailey Community Climate Challenge"  
2012 Telly Award, Winner, “The Sun Valley Story”
2012 Sierra Nevada Award, Mountain Film Awards, “The Sun Valley
2007 Telly Award, Winner, POV Director  "The Honda Ski Tour"
2004 Screenplay Festival, “Orion Rising”
2002 WriteMovies.com Finalist, “Orion Rising”
2000 IAF Rockies, Citation of Excellence, “The Sun Valley Skiers”
1999 The Communicator Awards, Crystal Award, “Downhill Racer”
1999 Telly Awards, Winner, “Downhill Racer”
1998 The Videographer Awards, Winner, “The Sawtooth Society”
1997 Int’l Film and Video Festival, Finalist, “Hemingway in the Autumn”
1997 The Communicator Awards, “Hemingway in the Autumn”
1997 Telly Awards, Finalist, “Hemingway in the Autumn”
1997 IAF Rockies, Gold Rocky, “Hemingway in the Autumn”
1994 Telly Awards, Finalist, “Miss Fish Fly America”
1985 IAF Rockies, Silver Rocky, “Sunspots”
1984 California Governor’s Media Access Awards, “Sound Off”
1983 ACE Local Systems, “The Beyond Sound News Review”


“The Hailey Community Climate Challenge”  (DVD / Web 2014)
“The Community School Story”  (DVD / Web 2014)
“Bring Bowe Home”  (Web 2013)
“Back in the Black”  (Web 2013)
“Battle of the Blades”  (Promotional and event web videos 2011-- 2013)
“Promotional Videos”:  Sun Valley Figure Skating Club 2012 -- 2013)
“The Sun Valley Story”  (TV / DVD / Web 2011)
“Salmon River Steelhead  (Web 2010)
“Parallax”  (Indy feature pre-production consultant)
“The Wind at Irving’s  (TV /  DVD / Web  2009)
"Jeep 48 Straight"  (Web Video Producer 2007--2008, web videos)
"A Day, A Season, A Life"  (Made for video 2008)
"A Tradition of Competition"  (Made for video 2007)
"A Skier's Passion--Bill Janss and Sun Valley"  (Made for video 2006)
"Sun Valley Glory Days"  (Made for video 2005)
“The Original Sun Valley Ski Cowboy”  (Made for video 2004)
“Skiing in the 50’s”  (Made for video 2003)
“The Sun Valley Skiers”  (Made for video, cable, one hour)
“Hemingway in the Autumn”  (Made for video, syndicated, one hour)
“Miss Fish Fly America”  (Made for video, syndicated, half-hour)
“The Sun Valley Mountain Bike Challenge”  (Made for video, hour)
“Sound Off”  (Cable, one hour)
“A Partnership With Man”  (Kal Kan, 13 part cable series)
“By My Side” (Kal Kan, 13 part cable series)
“The Glory of Israel”  (Cable, one hour)
“The Sign of Champions”  (KNBC, L.A., special)
“National Theater of the Deaf”  (KCET L.A., “Videolog”)
“Beyond Sound News Review”  (Cable, 52 half-hour shows)


“Gordon Boge’s Excellent Sun Valley Adventure”  (Web 2015)
“The Hailey Community Climate Challenge” (DVD / Web 2014)
“The Sun Valley Story”  (TV / DVD / Web -- 2012)
“The Wind at Irving’s”  (TV / DVD/ Web 2009)
"Justice Anthony Kennedy Address" (CSPAN--2008, video)
“Jeep King of the Mountain Series” (CBS event coverage 2008, TV/web)
"The Honda Ski Tour" 2007 (ABC POV Camera Director, TV/web)
“Winter Olympic Commercials”  (United Heritage, film)
“Idaho Travel Council”  (Winter campaigns 1993-1999, film)
“Downhill Racer”  (Idaho Power, film)
“I am a Traveler”  (Asahi, Japan, video)
“The Music’s Just Too Good”  (Public Service Announcement, video)
“Far and Away” (Showtime, movie promo, video)
“Bob Uecker’s Wacky World of Sports”  (Syndicated series, segments)
“Cattle Call” (Showtime, movie promo, video)
“Sunspots”  (Ski Industry, film)
“Warren Miller Feature Ski Films”  (1982-1996, film)

(Scouting, Management, and/or Permits)

“L.L. Bean Catalog “ (2015)
“Mountain Khakis Catalog”  (2015)
“Royal Robbins Catalog”  (2015)
“Cabela’s Catalogs” (2015)
“Lincoln Mercury” (Running footage 2014)
“Men’s Fitness”  (Steve Rinella Article Nov. 2014)
“Dual Survival” (Reality TV 2014)
“Flip Trip”  (Reality TV 2014)
“Subaru”  (Running Footage 2014)
“Level One”  (Ski Films 2012 & 2013)
“Mountain Goat Project”  (Anglia TV / 2011)
“Ray Mears Survival”  (ITVS / Anglia 2009)
“Woolrich Catalogs” (2007--2011)
“Idaho Travel Council”  (Todd Meier 2007--2008)
“L.L. Bean Catalogs”  (1995--2011)
“REI Inc. Catalog”  (2004--2005)
"The Blair Catalog" (Kevin Lowes 2004)
“Days of our Lives”  (Sony Pictures Ent. 2002)
“IMAX Eagle Project”  (Echo Films 2002)
“VW Running Footage”  (Red Tree Prods. 2003)
“Jeep”  (Still and commercial campaigns 1998, 2001, 2003)
“Polaris Snowmobiles”  (1999-2003)
“Jeep Running Footage”  (Autumn 2002)
“Nordstrom Catalog”  (Nordstrom 2002)
“U.S. Army”  (RSA USA 2002)
“Land’s End Catalog”  (Land’s End 2002)
“Chevrolet 2001”  (Campbell Advertising)
“Town and Country”  (New Line Cinema)
“The Horse Whisperer”  (Disney)
“The Stand”  (Laurel Entertainment)
“Clydesdale Football”  (Budweiser/Propaganda/Leo Burnett)
“Swiss Army”  (Ray Meeks Photography)
“America’s Most Wanted”  (STF Prods.)
“Dark Horse”  (Republic Pictures)
“Dick Fosbury”  (STF—Germany)
“Black Stallion”  (RSA USA/Leo Burnett)
“Women’s Wear”  (Conde Naste Traveler)
“Siberian Tiger Project”  (National Geographic)
“Under the Road”  (Rhythm and Hues)
“Dodge”  (film Realite’)
“No Sweat”  (Rhythm and Hues)
“Sony Products”  (Harmony Pictures)
“Quaker Oats”  (film Realite’)
“J-Crew”  “Spiegel”  “Nordstrom”  (Misc. catalogs, 1994-2000)


”Dyslexia Project”  (2015 Captured Time Productions)
“The Maash”  (TV / DVD 2011)
“Wintervention”  (Warren Miller feature film 2010, edit asst)
“Dynasty” (Warren Miller feature film 2009, edit asst.)
“Sports Bloopers II”  (Columbia/Tristar, camera)
“Warren Miller Christmas Special”  (ESPN 2, camera)
“Ski Comedy II”  (Columbia Tristar, camera)
“Ultimate Challenge”  (FOX, camera)
“Adrianne Clarksen Presents”  (CBC, camera)
“The Centurion Triathlon”  (CBS, aerial camera)
“Golf in Paradise”  (ESPN, camera crew)
“Coors Light”  (Sweetdreams, camera crew)
“The Fosbury Flop”  (Pepsi, 1/33 Prods., video asst.)
“Wide River”  (Dektor/Higgins, video asst.)
“Why Things Taste So Good”  (Kira H Films, camera crew)
“Steve Miller”  (VH-1 Profile, lighting)
“Disney Fantasy on Ice”  (CBS, set dressing)  

(Write, Produce, Direct, and/or Photograph

“Les Saisons”  (Kirwin Productions)
“The Sawtooth Society”  (The Sawtooth Society)
“Scott Gliders”  (Scott USA Inc.)
“Spring Mountain Ranch”  (O’Neill Enterprises)
“Fundamentals of Skiing”  (U.S. Ski Coaches Assn., camera)
“Chrysler/Plymouth Training Video”  (Bozell, Inc., camera)
“Ski Hard, Play Hard”  (JD of Sun Valley)
“The Wisdom of Coyote”  (Research Dynamics)
“Canola”  (DuPont, camera crew)
“Whitehouse Council On Small Business”  (Camera)
“Language Line”  (AT&T, camera crew)
“Lead Dog”  (Research Dynamics, camera)
“Safety Series”  (Norcal Center on Deafness)
“The Undiscovered America”  (Bishop/Hansell, camera)