DIAMOND SUN PRODUCTIONS -- Information Request

Please copy this form into E mail (contact link below), type in your answers to each question, then E mail the form to DSP

To begin the permit sublease process, we need the following information:

1)        When do you plan to scout and shoot?

2)        How are you acquiring pictures:  Film/Video or Still Photography or Both?

3)        About how many people, cast, crew, and support, will be on location?

4)         List vehicles and the approximates size (Ex: Class A RV, 3 Ton Grip, etc.)

5)        Generally describe your activities (Ex: skiing, models by campfire, hiking etc.)

6)        Describe any special effects work, stunts, pyrotechnics, etc.  Provide hazard sheets for any chemicals to be used.

7)        List as many specific locations as you can where you would like to shoot.  (Ex. Redfish Lake, Mile Marker 143,
 Boulder City, Adams Gulch Trail Head etc.)   Vague descriptions such as “Stanley Area” should be listed “Stanley
 Area TBA.”  *****  Every location must eventually be approved in advance.  *****

8)        Provide two separate industry standard Certificates of Insurance as follows.  The cancellation period (lower right
 corner) should be 30 days.

 The United States
  c/o Sawtooth National Recreation Area
 5 North Fork Canyon Road
 Ketchum, ID. 83340 -- 8400

 Diamond Sun Productions
 P.O. Box 65
 Ketchum, ID. 83340

9)        Send the hard copy for BOTH certificates to the Diamond Sun address.

10)      E mail, Fax, or hand deliver copies of the Certs. if you are requesting locations on short notice.

11)      Tell us anything else you think is pertinent about your production activity.

12)      With this information we can get the sublease process underway, quote prices, and help you determine whether or
  not locations will be available.