Sun Valley and its surrounding
wilderness are a checkerboard of public
and private land.  There are National
Forests, a National Recreation Area,
National Monuments, BLM lands, state,
county, and municipal considerations.
With a little lead time most public and private areas
can be accessed for location media production.  The
Sawtooth National Recreation Area, The Sawtooth
National Forest, and the Ketchum Ranger District have
the prime mountain locations.   Heavy tourist traffic,
demands on government staff, and Endangered
Species Act restrictions make getting permits quickly
very difficult.  To provide short notice opportunities for
visiting producers, Diamond Sun and the Forest
Service have an agreement in place that allows us to
sublease our own existing Special Use Permit for Film
and Still Photography to visitors.  You pay the actual
Forest Service location fees and a mark-up that covers
the sublease, monitoring the production, and follow up
per Forest Service regulations and instructions.
Click here for a questionnaire that will begin the
process of subleasing our Special Use Permit.
Click here for links and contact
information for permitting other areas.
Click here for a brief overview of Idaho laws
that apply to location media production.
Click here to visit the Idaho Film Bureau